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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tobacco Plant may beat cancer.

A personalized vaccine made using tobacco plants — normally associated with causing cancer rather than helping cure it — could aid people with lymphoma in fighting the disease, US researchers said. The treatment, which would vaccinate cancer patients against their own tumor cells, is made using a new approach that turns genetically engineered tobacco plants into personalized vaccine factories.

“This is the first time a plant has been used for making a protein to inject into a person,” said Ron Levy of Stanford University School of Medicine in California, whose research appears in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “This would be a way to treat cancer without side effects,” Levy said in a statement on Monday. “The idea is to marshal the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.”

Tobacco PlantLevy was working with a team of scientists from the now defunct Large Scale Biology Corp, which helped fund the study, as well as Bayer AG’s Bayer HealthCare, CBR International Corp, Integrated Biomolecule Corp, The Biologics Consulting Group Inc and Holtz Biopharma Consulting.

They were working on a type of cancer known as follicular B-cell lymphoma, a kind of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that attacks the immune system. The cancer makes a specific antibody that is not found in healthy cells. The technology exploits the tobacco plant’s vulnerability a virus that only attacks tobacco plants, which most people associate with causing cancer, and not curing it. The researchers altered the virus, adding the specific antibody gene from a patient’s cancer cells. Then, they infected the tobacco plants with the gene-carrying virus.

“You scratch it on the leaves and it turns the plants into a protein-producing factory for the protein of interest,” Levy said. Other approaches that use animals to make the vaccines can take months, but the plantbased approach is very fast. “A week later, you extract the protein. It’s that fast.”

In a test of 16 patients with follicular B-cell lymphoma, 70% of people injected with a made-to-order vaccine developed an immune response, and none had any side effects.

Levy said the study suggests personalized cancer vaccines could be produced efficiently and cheaply using plants. The early-stage study only focused on the safety and immune-stimulating ability of the plant-produced vaccines. Future studies will be needed to show how effective they are as a treatment. REUTERS New pill helps shrink prostate tumours London: A once-a-day pill significantly shrank tumors in men with advanced prostate cancer who had not responded to other treatments, researchers said on Tuesday.

Tobacco Plant

Cougar Biotechnology Inc’s drug abiraterone delayed a worsening of the disease by a median of 400 days, according to the Phase-I clinical trial results published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. “We are highly confident this drug is highly active and durable,” Johan de Bono, the researcher at Britain’s Institute of Cancer Research who led the study, said. “We believe this drug will make a difference.”

Prostate cancer is the second-leading cancer killer of men. Each year, 680,000 men worldwide are diagnosed with the disease and about 220,000 will die from it. “This drug prevents the cancer from making its own hormones that allow the cancer cells to survive”.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Welsh Moms Love Cigarettes More Than Baby

The Welsh Assembly Government is planning to unveil a new strategy to provide maternity services promoting healthy eating and smoking cessation. According to the announcement, 37 percent of Welsh moms smoke at some stage during their pregnancy or the year before and 22 percent continue to smoke throughout those nine months.

Apparently, it's still acceptable for pregnant women to smoke in Wales. But it won't be for long, thanks to a new government program aimed at encouraging moms-to-be to lead healthier lives for the sake of their fetuses.

This is the highest rate of pregnant women smoking in the UK, which also boasts the highest rate of pregnant drinkers.
Call me naive, but I'm shocked to hear that that many women are still smoking, given the undeniable health risks.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, smoking accounts for 20 to 30 percent of low-weight babies, up to 14 percent of preterm deliveries, and 10 percent of infant deaths. Why are women anywhere still smoking?

This must be a real problem in the UK, where health watchdog National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence actually proposed that carbon monoxide tests be performed on every expectant mom at her first prenatal appointment. The organization claimed this was not meant to penalize moms and make them feel guilty, but simply to help them quit smoking.

Hmm ... not that I side with smoking moms, but could you imagine being screened for unhealthy behavior? What if you had a few cigarettes before you even knew you were pregnant? Or drinks? I wouldn't want to be scolded by my doc for a behavior I plan to abandon.

Then again, some moms-to-be may not be able to or want to abandon their unhealthy habits, so I applaud the Welsh government for spending the money to reach out to them.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pending West Virginia legislation looks at raising tax on tobacco

Legislation pending in the House and Senate would increase West Virginia’s excise tax on cigarettes by $1 per pack, creating a new revenue source for the Mountain State but also causing potential problems for retailers living in border communities such as Bluefield.

“I just think, and again I relate it as such to the gasoline tax, I think it would just encourage folks who are going to use those products to purchase them certainly where it is less expensive,” Marc Meachum, president and chief executive officer of the Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce, said of Senate Bill 362 and House Bill 2973. “I don’t know specifically about tobacco products, but I know a lot of people who purchase gas in Bluefield, Va., or Wytheville if they are traveling.”

Meachum said it is easy for residents of Bluefield to cross the state line to purchase cheaper cigarettes in Bluefield, Va., thus hurting retailers on the West Virginia side.

While some in Princeton also may opt to travel to Bluefield, Va., or Glen Lynn, Va., for cheaper cigarettes, the added tax may also encourage a few more people to kick the bad habit, Robert Farley, president of the Princeton-Mercer County Chamber of Commerce, said.

“I think the health issues would have to be a priority,” Farley said. “And if putting a tax on cigarettes decreased the use of cigarettes, I would think most — even businesses — would be for it.”

If passed by the Legislature, the excise tax would produce $133 million in additional revenue, half of which would go into the state’s general fund. The other half would go into a special fund for health care and health promotion programs specifically giving $27 million for tobacco prevention and cessation activities, which would bring West Virginia up to recommended federal funding levels, according to Donald Reed, director of the Southern Coalfield Tobacco Prevention Network.

“The $27 million is actually what the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends for our state to spend on tobacco prevention and cessation activities,” Reed said. “We presently get $6 million. It’s a huge increase. It is estimated that if this tobacco tax does pass almost 13,000 current residents will quit smoking and almost 19,000 kids will never start. We read these numbers all of the time. A lot of people say is that really true? But I can attest in April 2009 when the federal tax increased, the state quit line, or the calls to the state’s tobacco quit line, went off the roof. It does promote health, it does prevent kids from starting and it does help adults quit.”

Reed said the Senate version of the bill was sponsored by Acting Senate President Jeff Kessler, D-Marshall.  Reed said both bills are currently in the House and Senate Health and Human Resources Committee.

“Well of course the tobacco industry and the retail industry are heavily watching this bill,” Reed said. “However, to avoid a huge budget shortfall within three years, I expect this bill to pass.”

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bootleg Russian cigarettes lined with Chinese asbestos

Smokers are being warned off black market Russian import cigarettes which have been found to contain asbestos.

Many of the Jin Ling cigarettes contain industrial chemicals and asbestos-lined Chinese plasterboard, trading standards officials revealed yesterday.

Smokers have been warned that some black market Russian cigarettes contain asbestos Smokers have been warned that some black market Russian cigarettes contain asbestos

They come in yellow packs with the words Jin Ling and USA emblazoned across the front.

One man, who wished to remain anonymous, said he had been offered 200 of the Jin Ling brand while drinking in a club in Hartlepool, Co. Durham.

‘The fella wanted about £25 for 200, which is a bargain for normal cigarettes sale – when you’re paying £6 for 20,’ he said.

‘I didn’t actually buy any because I hadn’t heard of them – and when I checked on the internet, I’m pleased I didn’t.’

The brand was described by the World Health Organization as ‘the most disturbing new development in the illegal tobacco trade anywhere in the world’.

Hartlepool trading standards officer Ian Harrison added: ‘This particular brand is made to be smuggled, it is not a brand which can be bought in shops.

‘Because of that, there is no quality control – there is no doubt they are dangerous and the people who make them have no interest in what they are selling or who they are selling it to.’

But anti-smoking activists pointed out that all cigarettes pose risk.

‘All cigarettes, even legal ones, kill,’ said Ailsa Rutter of campaign group Fresh.

‘Your average packet of 20 bought down the local shop contains a horrendous list of poisons and toxins used in batteries, industrial solvents, chemical weapons and preserving dead bodies.’

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