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Monday, March 7, 2011

Ignoring rules of smoking cause concerns among students

The pavement of the building's entryway is decorated with chalk that reads, "Please do not smoke." And on those words stands four students smoking cigarettes before their 1:45 class on a windy winter's Tuesday.

This is a typical scene outside of not only the Education Building at Rowan University, but across the entire campus even though there is a rule against it.

"New Jersey statutes state that the right of the non-smokers to breathe clean air supersedes the right of the smokers to smoke. Rowan has adopted a policy to ban smoking inside and within 50 feet of all academic, residential, service and administrative buildings on campus," according to Rowan's student handbook. . . .

Though the dangers of second-hand smoke are known and resolutions have been passed to keep students from smoking outside of buildings around campus, it is rare that a student can walk from one class to another without being subject to the dangers of someone else's exhale.

"I feel like I have to maneuver around campus to avoid breathing in second-hand smoke every day," said Natalie Busarello, a sophomore math/science and elementary education major.

A way that can help students keep smokers away from non-smokers is to ensure smoking is not being done right outside a building, and if it is it does not go unnoticed.

According to Joe Mulligan, "If a Residential Assistant sees a resident smoking within fifty feet of a residential hall, they have the power to document the violation. The student is then required to pay a $25 fine for a first offense.


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