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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Residents irritated with smoking at pool

Although smoking is banned in all seven of Leonia's parks, smoking is allowed at a designated area on the Leonia Pool Club property.

"There is no smoking inside the gates of the pool," said Recreation Center Director Barbara Davidson of the pool club which has approximately 3,000 members. "The only place [to smoke] is out in front, a distance away on the sidewalk. It's a designated area outside the front gate on the sidewalk about 30 or 40-feet away from the entrance and 100-feet from the kiddie pool."

Davidson said when members walk towards the parking lot they do not pass the smoking area.
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Over the winter, Leonia resident Paul King asked the pool committee to completely ban smoking at the Borough's pool, but his request was turned down because the Borough did not want to disenfranchise pool members who smoke.

"I find this response completely unacceptable," said King.

In response to King's request, the designated smoking area was moved approximately 30-feet away from the pool and primary pedestrian traffic flow of people accessing the pool.


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