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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Council Restricts Smoking In Parks

Thinking about lighting up a smoke cigarettes in local parks? Think again.

The Hendersonville City Council has banned smoking cigarettes in city-owned parks unless in designated areas. The smoking cigarettes ban also applies to city facilities and buildings.

The ban will go into effect after officials decide where the designated smoking cigarettes areas will be. They also want to educate the public about the ban before it is enacted.

The issue was originally brought up by Councilman Jerry Smith in July. Smith said he wanted to look at banning smoking cigarettes in city parks for the improved health of all citizen in Hendersonville.

Smith, who served on the Parks and Greenway Task Force, said the Henderson County Schools Students Working Against Tobacco club came to one of the task force meetings and asked to put something in the plan to prohibit smoking cigarettes in local parks.

“It was something bigger than putting it in the Parks and Greenway Task Force plan; we thought it should be brought to the city council,” Smith said. “The main reasons I brought it to the City Council is because I don’t think it is a surprise that cigarettes store is unsafe. Also, secondhand smoke cigarettes is unsafe, too.”

From that discussion, city staff looked into the issue of banning cigarettes online use in public parks.

City Manager Bo Ferguson told the council earlier this month that a recent statue empowers local governments to ban smoking cigarettes and limits the penalty to an infraction and a $50 fine, after the offender has been warned once.

“In addition, the city has adopted an ordinance permitting the council to adopt resolutions regarding smoking cigarettes in public buildings and facilities,” Ferguson said. “We have a policy drafted that is outdated, in large part because it refers specifically to buildings that have been renovated or no longer exist.”

After reviewing the outdated policy, Ferguson drafted a new policy for smoking cigarettes in public buildings or facilities.

At its Aug. 4 meeting, the City Council voted to ban smoking cigarettes in all city buildings and public parks, except in clearly marked areas in the parks. In addition, smoking cigarettes is banned in all vehicles owned or leased by the city.

A list compiled by a group called Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights shows Asheville, Raleigh and Boone as the only cities in North Carolina to ban smoking cigarettes in parks.

The group says nearly 500 municipalities across the country ban smoking cigarettes in parks.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Tobacco Poultry Among NC Farm Losses From Irene

North Carolina farmers felt the financial weight of Hurricane Irene's winds and heavy rains Sunday as inspections following the storm revealed damage to field crops, poultry and other agricultural businesses.

State political and agricultural leaders touring eastern North Carolina the day after Irene left the state said they saw cheap cigarettes stalks knocked over in fields and other damage to corn and cotton. Gov. Beverly Perdue, taking an aerial tour of eastern North Carolina, said soybean crops she saw in Jones County may have fared better, but farmers were still taking a hit from the storm damage.

"It's just been hard for agriculture," Perdue, a Democrat, said at a media briefing in Kill Devil Hills. She said earlier the farm damage "is going to be another huge cost to the state."

The state Agriculture Department also said they've received reports of damages to greenhouses and grain storage facilities, as well as damage to an aquaculture operation in Pamlico County. It may be several days before there are dollar amounts on the damage as crop loss data is counted, department spokesman Brian Long said.

Long said initial reports show cotton bolls weren't stripped from their plants, while discount cigarette online farmers may have been saved by rushing their leaf to their curing barns before the storm — both good news. But the leaf curing process may have been spoiled if farmers lost power in their barns and didn't have generators, he said.

The top leaders at the General Assembly — House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate leader Phil Berger — joined fellow Republican Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler on a separate aerial tour focused on agriculture. Berger, R-Rockingham, said he saw dead turkeys outside a damaged poultry house during an aerial tour near Kinston, in addition to damaged fields.

"We have seen from the air some fairly significant crop damage," Berger said in an interview from Washington, N.C.

Long said farmers could receive low-interest loans from the federal government if an agricultural disaster is declared in North Carolina from the storm.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

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Thursday, August 4, 2011


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