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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Calls For Plain Cigarette Packets

9 in 10 young people in the region think less glamorous packaging would put them off smoking. That’s according to research carried out by Smoke free South West.
It’s thought 200,000 teenagers will start smoking this year by the age of 19 and now the organization is launching a campaign for cigarettes to be sold in plain packets with more health warnings on to help people kick the habit or put them off before they even start.

The call is backed by Somerset NHS Stop Smoking advisers, as well as charities such as Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation and the Royal College of Physicians.
David Stapleton, Chair of the Smoke free Somerset Alliance, said: “I wonder how many parents even know about the newer packs that feature leading aspirational fashion brands, clearly designed to appeal to image conscious girls, or the shiny holographic packs that appeal to children. Or the fancy sliding packs featuring motorbikes or music imagery, appealing to boys. Plain packs would prevent tobacco companies using clever marketing designs like these to make their product look cool and recruit our children to this deadly addiction.
“The more people who get involved and show their support for this campaign by visiting the ‘plain packs protect’ web site, the more likely it is that Parliament will follow Australia’s lead in making tobacco packs plain.”



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