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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Places where you can quit smoking: Romania

To quit smoking in barely 6 hours seems…unlikely. A wonderful dream, with little odds of happening. And yet, numbers contradict one’s skepticism – a 90% success rate is guaranteed to all who choose to let themselves in the trusting hands of the Easy way therapists from Allen Carr clinics all around the world.
Allen Carr’s Easy way services are present in over 50 countries worldwide and, as of this year, an Allen Carr clinic has also opened in Bucharest. Smokers come to live sessions, sit through the 6 hours, listening to the therapist delivering the Method, interact with each other or with the therapist if they want to and leave as happy non-smokers in the end.
“It’s a miracle!”, people often say. They also say “it’s like a good movie: once you’ve seen it, you recommend it to all your friends”.
While it certainly feels like a miracle, the therapist assures everybody that she’s no miracle worker: “It would definitely make our lives easier if it were a miracle and, in any case, magic would take less than 6 hours! But it’s nothing of the sort. Quite the contrary: we work with logical arguments, reason and common sense, breaking down illusions and busting popular myths, thus removing people’s fears and setting them free on their new smoke free paths.” (Diana Vasiliu , therapist).
As for other “props”, the Method and its therapists are adamant against them: nicotine patches, gums, sprays, inhalers, electronic cigarettes, medicinal cigarettes etc.
Another novelty is the fact the stop smoking sessions are not available only for locals, but also for foreigners who belong to the English speaking community of Romania, through monthly English sessions.


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