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Monday, January 23, 2012

Red&White Cigarettes History!

Every hard core cigarette lover knows that Phillips Morris Tobacco Company is one of the largest and principal cigarette manufacturing companies of United States and of the world as a whole.
The company, which is also known as Altria group, which is now a leading cigarette manufacturer of the world has quite an interesting history. It goes back to 1847 when Philip Morris started selling tobacco and readymade cigarettes in a small shop at Bond Street in London. Who would have thought that this small cigarette selling business will one day become a world renowned cigarette brand? The business went on successfully till the death of Philip Morris after which it was taken over by Mr. Philip’s wife, Margaret and his brother Leopold. Leopold entered into a partnership with Joseph Grunebaum after the business went public and it was named, Philip Morris & Company and Grunebaum Ltd. The partnership between the two came to an end in 1885 and the company was renamed, Philip Morris & company Ltd.

Red & White American Blend
It was till 1894 that the company left the ownership of the founding family and was bought by William Curtis Thompson. The business flourished to the extent that it was appointed the tobacconist of King Edward 7 after that the company went into a partnership with an American seller who introduced English cigarettes in America and that was the start of its worldwide fame.
The year 1919 was rather a grave year for the company as it experienced some ups and downs in the ownership but in the next decade, things settled as the business started manufacturing cigarettes in Richmond, Virginia and that was where the world famous brand, Marlboro, came out.
The name, Red & White is rather an unusual name for a cigarette brand, but it was named keeping in mind that it would be easy for people to remember and that the color signifies supremacy and felicity respectively. Not only the name of the cigarette was unique but also the taste was an extraordinary one. The main reason of its success also refers to its other worldly taste whish enlightens the senses of the smoker.
The brand has never disappointed anyone who have tasted it because with every inhale makes the smoker feel of the unique kind of tobacco used in it. The uniqueness and variety Red & white has is very unlike other cigarette brands.
Red & white has three varieties. It comes in Red & White, Red & White Lights and Red & White Super Lights, giving a smoker a choice to suit his mood and taste. Not only in Europe, but in many other countries, Red & White is considered a high quality brand also because it comes in very affordable prices and also because the blended tobacco and special additives are just remarkable.
The aroma, the flavor and the taste, all gives the smoker an inexplicable smoking experience. With every smoke, the smoker finds himself ever more indulgent and all the more delighted in its taste.


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