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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Ways We Hold our Cigarette

An interesting approach to the psychological treat of men and women according to the way and manner they hold a cigarette.

A- Probably a mannered woman. She is holding a cigarette as she would be afraid of losing it. This kind of woman will hold on to her man with both hands.
B- A woman bored at a party. She is focused on the tip of his cigarette to avoid yawning.

C- A smart man, prone to contemplation.
D-  A person with a weak character. Unreliable, have tendencies to lie.

E -  A pronounced individualist. Stubborn, loves to act without thinking
F- A cool guy. Strong character. A sort of a millionaire from Texas, a self-made businessman.

G- A brave man, prone to excessive risk. Loves to play with fire.
N. A dreamer led by the wind through life.

I – A pessimist. Overly cautious in business.


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