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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cigarettes Lighters History

Many historians considers that Leonardo da Vinci invented the first lighter, but this fact is not quite accurate. Actally the great inventor created  a machine that during the siege of the castle torched some flint and metal fire projectiles. Especially since there is no evidence that  Leonardo ever really used this device even though there is a picture of it a medieval manuscript:. However this is the most original predecessor of the real lighters.

Later Johann Dobereiner invented desktop lighter. The gist of it is that you push the handle and the plate of platinum supplies hydrogen. This device looked like this:

Cartier was the first company that patented and began to produce gold and silver lighters. At that time, the company decided to cut the maximum money from this rare and unknown device. They sold their lighters in the period between 1870 and 1900, then divided their market segment, which nowadays remaind divided into 3 categories: cheap, expensive and very expensive lighters. Cheap lighters appeared due to Karl Velsbahu because he found the optimal composition for flint. Which represent all the basics for the modern lighters, used daily.